do you know what is IgA SRD most if people say don’t know about it so today we are talking about Anna jsr day first of all what is IJ is our deal IJ s Rd International Journal for scientific research and development is a leading a journal under which we are encouraging and exploring new ideas of current trends in engineering and science by publishing papers containing pure knowledge the journal is started with noble effort to help the researchers in their work and also to share knowledge and research ideas this monthly journal is mainly started to help researching peers belongs to undergraduate postgraduate and research students we aim to cover the latest outstanding development in the fields of engineering and technologies all the published papers are submitted to the major indexing services for indexing [Music] now everyone think about why IJ SRD open access peer-reviewed International Journal exhaustive list of executive board members unlimited free of cost articles download online article submission and status checking free e certificates for published articles indexed in highly reputed repositories like Google Scholar Index Copernicus academia.edu slippage now let’s take a look on IJ s Rd profile [Music] the full form of ijs Artie’s international journal for scientific research or development is SN 2 3 2 1 o 6 1 3 online subject covered by ijs RDS engineering science and technology frequency of publishing issues is monthly 12 issues published by ojs Rd India publication charges SATs or purchase rupee now let’s take a look on the statistics of ijs Rd impact factor one point two six evaluation in 2013 two point three nine evaluation in 2014 three point five one evaluation in 2015 four point three nine evaluation in 2016 [Music] Index Copernicus value sixty-four point eight one evaluation in 2015 sixty six point six eight evaluation in 2016 total for volume completed and fifth his running total fifty eight issues published total forty six thousand eight hundred four articles received all reviewed total fifteen thousand six hundred fifty six articles published [Music] total eighty two thousand seven hundred fifty three authors participated total ten conferences supported across Institutes of India thanks for watching want to know more melius at info at a jsr decomp visit us at www.imtcva.org [Music]